from Anna Pawlicki

Midsummer in Berlin. Blue-green algae swirls in the Spree. Five boats are moored on the paved bank behind a car repair shop. On dry land, plastic chairs have been thrown together and a campfire is burning. A man and a woman embrace each other in a way that makes it hard to tell which tattooed body belongs to whom. Marco & Jacky have been lovers for 17 years. They have a son together. Jacky works as a paralegal and lives in a flat. Marco ran two tattoo studios in Berlin. He lost his flat and then the studios some years ago. In 2022, he received a 60-year-old sailing boat as a gift, which he now lives on most of the time.


Marco & Jacky only see each other at weekends: on Marco‘s mothership.

For 17 years, Marco & Jacky‘s love has been fuelled by the tension between caring and intense struggle. The boat is just one part of their life together.


Their love is as flexible as the blue-green algae that has managed to survive on earth for 3.5 billion years.



**Marco currently lives in accommodation during the week. At the weekends Marco & Jacky live on the boat. unter der Woche in einer Unterkunft. An den Wochenenden sind Marco&Jacky weiterhin auf dem Boot.